Sunhouse again "shocking" with the premium stainless steel pot

Sunhouse Group has launched three new sets of high-grade stainless steel pot. The kit has truly "shocking" for the housewife by the sophistication and elegance rarely seen.

Cook was on all stoves

Many housewives were "mesmerized" by European luxury style of this product duo. Ms. Tran Dieu Thuy in Dong Da district said: "The handy in that pot cooking on any type of stove, trial saw thermal stability is very good, shiny surface, very easy to clean , cleaning after cooking. Having this new pot in the house, I saw my home kitchen so lit up! ".

Made of 100% high-grade stainless steel materials, this is the mission of pot reassure housewives by the distinct advantages. Ministry pot 0,6mm thickness, containing by weight up to 4,2kg real, "eat off" the sample pot already on the market. And moreover, this is a product that is manufactured in Vietnam, which use it, will contribute to evoke ethnic pride, to help housewives not need to pay for the imported products of the same type and which are not in quality but priced much higher.

SH889 SH890 3 Product Department and SH891 and have the same characteristics: elegance and sophistication here. With technology making pot 3 modern class, help the cook if the fire missed hand he will not worry because already own "secret weapon": not burning! With straps for sure, gold-plated cosmetic and heat resistant, toughened glass swing rugged and powerful, convenient help users track food during cooking.

Protecting the health of consumers is at the forefront

Leading household goods in Vietnam for over 10 years, the Group has always had speed Sunhouse "unveiled" amazing new products. With over 500 products already on the market, it has averaged more than 30 days, markets household goods to receive a branded product Sunhouse.

With experience in the import, manufacture and distribution of household products, especially the high-grade pot with many different materials, the Group Sunhouse been "shocked" with the product housewife with pots Anod set of 3 units imported from Korea. Manufactured by pure aluminum technology hard oxidized products are trusted by beautiful design, safe materials to protect the health of consumers.

With the investment in the factory with advanced technology line today, the Group actively Sunhouse investment to innovative new product range pot serve the needs of consumers. Stainless steel pot senior Ministry SH889, SH890 and SH891 is the latest product of the brand Sunhouse, just an impressive presence in the market. A market research company was given the name says: the "triad", the Sunhouse is sure to once again make a difference in every kitchen Vietnam!

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